Fire Rated Glass

Fire Rated Glass

About Fire Rated Glass

Fire rated glass is primarily used to prevent the spread of fire in locations as required under applicable building codes.  For decades, fire rated glass has played a critical role in building safety, providing light, visibility and impact resistance.

Fire-Protective & Fire-Resistive Glazing Systems

Fire rated glazing systems may be either fire-protective or fire-resistive. Fire-protective systems are designed to contain smoke and flames for a relatively short duration (45 minutes maximum), allowing occupants to quickly escape potential danger. Fire-resistive systems contain flames and smoke, and protect against radiant heat for longer time periods (more than 45 minutes).

In addition to containing flames and smoke, fire rated glass in commercial windows and doors must also provide impact resistance. The degree of impact resistance is based on ANSI 297.1 and CPSC Category I & Category II specifications. Traditional 1/4" wire glass, that for years had been used in schools and public facilities, no longer qualifies under these stricter specifications.
Since high heat fire rated glass must be fabricated to specification, it normally requires a significant lead time. For lower heat applications however, such as ovens, fireplaces, grills or wood burning stoves, ceramic fire rated glass can be cut to size from stock sheets and is readily available.

Best Glass is happy to help you find the right product for your fire rated glass needs. Whether it's a small piece of glass for your fireplace or a large public works project, Best Glass can help you accomplish your goals.

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Last week we had to have our windshield replaced on our Honda CRV. Our insurance company recommended Best Glass. A few days after you completed the job I noticed a little plastic cover missing that covers the bolt holding the molding on. I called your office and Mary was very friendly and professional. She said she would have Mike call me ASAP. He called within a few minutes and was at my house within an hour. He didn't point fingers in any way, just guaranteed that he would take care of it. He thought he might have to replace the whole molding. He said he would check it out and get back to me. Within half an hour he was back at my door with the brand new part, snapped it on the molding and was off again. What a nice guy!! I couldn't ask for better service. Thanks to all at Best Glass. Will definitely recommend you to all I know.
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