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Glass Performance Capabilities

A somewhat generic term, High Performance Glass refers to glazing that is utilized for its performance capabilities rather than just its aesthetic qualities. Performance requirements may include impact resistance, heat gain, reflectivity, privacy, acoustical, fire rating, safety or its ability to shed water spots and dirt accumulation.

Manufacturers meet these requirements in a number of different ways. Solar heat gain for example is controlled through the use of various Low-E (also called spectrally selective) coatings. Impact resistant glass is accomplished by laminating multiple layers of glass together with a PVB (polyvinyl butyrl) inner-layer. Laminated glass can be engineered to provide for bullet and blast resistance as well.

Other ways to create High Performance Glass is through Electrically charged inner-layers, ceramic pattern applications and chemical etching. These options can all provide a wide range of custom applications, color, graphics and privacy too.

Custom Glass Systems Design, Fabrication & Installation

Best Glass can help you meet whatever performance requirement you may have. Serving the greater Phoenix area since 1991, Best Glass has maintained an A+ rating with the Greater Phoenix Better Business Bureau. We work with homeowners, business owners and contractors alike to design, fabricate and install high performance glass systems that will meet their individual needs.

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I had the back window of my car broken out and when I called, I talked to the nicest woman in your office who helped me arrange everything through my insurance company. The technician you sent out was polite and meticulous and I was blown away by his representation, enough so that I had to let you know. It says a lot about a company that is able to keep employees like that.

I've never decided to choose a glass company before, I just left it up to my insurance company, but I'm going to tell everybody about you all. As I look to do things like change out my shower doors and the like, I will absolutely remember you guys. Please feel free to use me as a reference.
- Myla Borrow, Phoenix, AZ
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